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Hello there, you can call me:

Kesit Budi Kusumo

working remotely during daytime

& do freelance at free time

My full name is Kesit Budi Kusumo. At the moment, I work as an Indonesian software engineer remotely in an awesome company - Solecode. There I and teams build many beautiful, useful, and great products (so called apps 😉). Mostly, those apps are content & data oriented: managing (create, update, delete), displaying, and plotting data.

In my free time, besides doing freelance and spend with family, I also always try to re-update and getting new IT knowledge. Whether its new concepts or open source tools, they always make me excited (It's awesome right, we're lucky to live in the era of growing open source).

I think that's all I can share about me, interested in other that maybe I miss something? Then please contact me via the top navigation link above.